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Personal Song Charts represents a section (portal) of the Doctor Pundit Projects wiki. It houses the personal music charts and reflects the musical interests of the author, Michael Douglas, MD, MBA. Dr. Douglas is an aficionado of popular and niche music; the data from which the charts originate come mostly from Dr. Douglas's utilization of on-demand subscription music services, as well as free streaming services, to a lesser extent. Dr. Douglas's chart reflections mainly represent -- but are not limited to -- the following categories: pop songs, R&B songs, pop, and R&B albums.

Streaming and on-demand data are supplied chiefly from Dr. Douglas's use of the following services: the pure streamer Spotify and the streamer/locker hybrid Google Play Music. (Dr. Douglas no longer utilizes Apple Music, as he does not subscribe to that service at this time.) The pure cloud (music locker) service Amazon Cloud Player also furnishes significant data. Although there are certain streaming services -- Slacker, AccuRadio, Pandora, Deezer -- that may be used to supply data to Dr. Douglas's charts, they will not be considered at this time as they are regarded as free, freemium, or premium models based upon more specialized metrics which Dr. Douglas chooses not to implement at this time because of the inherent difficulty in quantifying data from those services. The following services are presently not considered for streaming data: I-Heart Radio, SiriusXM, and Rhapsody.

Establishing personal song charts as a hobby is not a novel phenomenon. Prior to its ubiquitous presence online -- on forums, chats, and websites -- the vocation was characterized by the creation of diaries shared by devotees in relative close proximity. Actual physical gatherings by extreme fans of music and popular music charts both galvanized and maintained such a hobby, with a long-term investment equaled only by the level of interest of its participants.

Long respected charts such as those published by Billboard magazine serve as the template for the formation of such charts. Obvious data such as song title, artist, and current numerical rank are often supplemented by figures describing the length of time charted for a song, record label information, and chart movement (velocity). With respect to charts published on this wiki by Dr. Douglas, Billboard charts will serve as the model for chart presentation, but they will not be as comprehensive as those published by official publications. This action reflects Dr. Douglas's own set of criteria for his music charts, and acknowledgement of the relative rigor involved in their creation and maintenance.

The following list is comprised of weekly-updated surveys:

The following list is comprised of so-called Year-End surveys:

The following list is comprised of one-time aggregate surveys:

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